Friday, May 9, 2008

Well, I still haven't figured out, just yet, how to get the best out of this blog. I've tried to read tips and stuff online, but I am just so used to myspace, that everything I learn I just go there and do it... but well, if you happen to read this, and might wanna help me, any links to info on how to manipulate the layout, and publish more stuff than the regular blogger allows you to, please feel free!!! Thanks!


  1. You have a beautiful start, just be patient and give it a bit more time to dig in to it! I think it´s just a matter of what you wanna share! Love ya! ;D

  2. Hi Pao you have some gorgeous art work and cards here. I hope to see more and Ive added you to my list for Lovely Blog Award If you would like to accept please go to my blog and copy the award picture and paste it to yours. smiles Michelle