Friday, May 22, 2009

Photography blog and website.

Well, I don't know if I really have any good followers... :) But here's to any of you who had the time to take a look to the project I've dedicated myself into; My photography website and blog.

Check it out, I'll love to hear some feedback, if any, if not, your missing out!

It's basically the launching of my business in SoCal, although I have worked for other photographers, it is basically the beginning of my path flying solo, and I'm tremendously happy and excited for, after only one month, and as a result of dedication and passion, so far I've booked several events for this and next year already! Really, really excited! I've also spend time learning new software and computer photo-processing stuff, polishing and growing business skills, learning how market and advertise, which can be and endless and terrifying walk, and most importantly, affirming and re-affirming that this is another venue of amazing source of creativity, challenge and self-discovery.

I've done some greeting cards and paints that will try to upload over the weekend, and I'm also very excited for Monica's upcoming workshops.


  1. congratulations!!
    i will have a look this afternoon at your new sites. i think it is wonderful that you are branching out on your own...I love it!

  2. I have just had a look through both sites and they look wonderful. Very professional and easy to navigate. Your work is beautiful.
    I think you will do very well with this business my friend.

  3. You deserve success! You are a great phototgrapher and I´m sure you will do fantastic in this great journey! The best for you and your career honney! I love you! :)